College puts coach on leave as he faces assault charges in NYC Video

Transcript for College puts coach on leave as he faces assault charges in NYC

misunderstanding here in queens new rkecutors S a tourist knocked oe window of a car thinkingt Uber. The driver allegedly punching the tourist who fell and hit H head Ander died. Night, that collbasketball T. EP two family heartbroken tonight after a mysterious late night altercation ended in death policeay thesemagee of wake foresassistant sk coach jamil Jones moments after he allegedly punched dor Szabo. Detectiveswas in New York for a wedding when afseveral drinks hlled fo Uber, but hid, wiesses tell police knocked on the winws multie cars searching for his ride. Prosecutors say Jones seated in his white SUV, and WHE sbo hit his window, Jones got out and punch Szabo, knocking him unconscious. His head hitting the pavement. The sce. So he would stop choking on his blood till the ambul ca. Reporter:thursday Jes turned himself in charged with sdemeanor Sault. Nes’ familexpresng their condces sayinghe a man of good ab today is not accepting their apology. I’m sorry yourdo are atle bit too te. Reporter: The medical examiner R Dea a homicide, and the a. Said tt Jones’ chargesld be add. Sad story all the way around. Adrien thank you. , An extradinary look gun battle.

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