Barack Obama was slapped with a lawsuit that sent his head spinning

Barack Obama’s post-presidency has been a disaster.

Obama has undercut democratic norms by trying to sabotage Trump and the scandal surrounding his Deep State continues to expand.

And he was just slapped with a lawsuit that he never saw coming.

 Obama was set to build his Presidential center in Chicago.

Those plans are on hold after Protect Our Parks – a local nonprofit – filed a lawsuit to stop construction claiming the project has grown beyond the intended purpose of a library.

Breitbart reports:

“The lawsuit states that the Obama Foundation strayed from its original plan to house a federally controlled Obama Presidential Library and is using public parkland for private use.

The Obama Foundation announced several months ago that the proposed site on designated historic parkland would not be administered by the National Archives and Records Administration and would not function as a presidential library to house records, manuscripts, and papers from the Obama White House.

The suit claims that it is against the law and park district code for a “non-governmental private entity” to use public parkland for a private facility and accuses the city of transferring public land to a private entity for “virtually no compensatory return.”

The lawsuit comes before the Chicago Plan Commission’s meeting on Thursday to consider zoning applications and other materials submitted by the Obama Foundation for the project’s approval, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.”

This is not the Obama Foundation’s first brush with controversy.

Back in January, 100 University professors and local activists signed a letter opposing to project because it gobbled up land that could be used for economic development.

Breitbart also reports:

“In January, more than 100 University of Chicago professors and neighborhood activists signed a letter stating the center would take away land available to develop new restaurants or businesses because the remaining land around the proposed center is taken up by the University of Chicago and an existing museum.”

Obama’s post-presidential life is just as scandal-plagued as his eight disastrous years in Washington.




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