Pelosi Says The Middle Class Is Like ‘Mice’ Eating ‘Crumbs’ For Saving Thousands In Taxes

Nancy Pelosi has shown just how out of touch she is with the middle class. She made news earlier this month for suggesting that middle class workers getting $1,000 in bonuses from the tax cuts is nothing “crumbs.” Even though she was highly criticized for saying this, she only doubled down, comparing the middle class to a bunch of desperate mice.

“There’s a little mouse trap who’s got a little piece of cheese on there and there’s a mouse about to take it and that’s called the middle class,” said Pelosi.

“And around it are fat cats, they look a lot like elephants but anyway, around there. And that’s the thing. Get this little thing and we get this big bonanza. You get the crumb, we get the banquet,” said Pelosi.

This is similar to a speech she gave in early January. “A number of bonuses — one of the bonuses was in a union contract and then they added a little more money to that. That same firm just told the employees they were going to be laying off 1,500 people and if they wanted to save their jobs, they could work 32 hours. In terms of the bonus that corporate America receives versus the crumbs they are giving to workers to put the schmooze on is so pathetic,” said Pelosi.

 “And I would hope with their big advantage of bringing home at a very low rate that they would invest in infrastructure but our experience has been they will seek dividends and buy-backs. It is insignificant,” she said. Check out the video below.


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