President Trump Touts African American Unemployment at Record Low

During his 2016 election campaign, President Trump often mentioned the fact that the Democratic Party had used and abused African Americans nationwide for decades.

Since the 1960’s, Democrats have made false promises to the black community in order to get votes, but once elected, have abandoned them.

Sadly, even African American Democrats, from Maxine Waters to Barack Obama himself, have done virtually nothing to help address the issues faced by black Americans, and instead, turned their backs on the people they could have helped.

Although Democrats of all races haven’t hesitated to lie repeatedly to the African American community, President Trump is a man of his word, and under his leadership, unemployment numbers for black Americans are at a record low.

As Charles Payne of Fox News points out, while the unemployment numbers for all races in America have gone down during Trump’s highly successful first year, “they’ve come down sharper … for black folks in the last year.”


In a tweet on Saturday, President Trump shared his excitement with the news that African American unemployment fell to 6.8%.

 This rate, which is the lowest in 45 years, is a great way to start the new year, and much to Trump’s surprise, even earned him some praise from the Washington Posta publication that has been critical of the president throughout his first year.



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