Victims Outed Chris Matthews As An Abuser, Just Said What Happens ‘When He Turns On You’

Sexual misconduct scandals have now cost many notable left-wing politicians and media personalities their careers, including Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and, of course, Al Franken. Now it appears that MSNBC blowhard Chris Matthews is the next to fall, after unsettling stories came out from his female victims about how he treated them.

Beyond sexually harassing women, Matthews’ female victims, who chose to remain anonymous to not risk their own careers, stated that Matthews used to throw objects and belittle his employees and his guests alike. Said one former producer of his show, “I would describe it as verbal abuse. The screaming is beyond the screaming you’ve ever heard. You just feel so under attack.”

Another stated about the MSNBC host who pretends on air to be a defender of women, “He did it so openly. It’s not just sexual harassment … what are you supposed to do when somebody is verbally abusing you and attacking you this way?”

A producer told how recently on his show Matthews screamed at a female staffer so intensely, calling her an “idiot” and “worthless” that they had to stop the shoot. Said the Hardball producer, “Seeing it would have made you shudder … you don’t forget something like that.”

 Sadly, MSNBC’s HR department has been known to defend Matthews over the women who work for him. The producer stated, “Their common first instinct is to protect the talent, no matter what the complaint, and then turn the victim into the problem. When he turns on you, look out. All they do is protect him. All they do is protect him from himself. No other workplace like this exists where you can get away with that.” Do you think abusive misogynist Chris Matthews should get fired?


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