Al Sharpton Calls Trump ‘A Symbol Of Northern Bigotry’, Then He Got Hit With Truth About Himself

Loudmouth opportunist Al Sharpton recently made a guest appearance on MSNBC show Morning Joe, and quickly started in on his favorite ratings-grabbing, cheapshot activity of trying to bash Republican President Donald Trump.

Claimed knee-jerk race-baiter Sharpton baselessly about the president, “He never left the Queens way, he and his father were sued for racial discrimination for who they would rent apartments to. So when you read in The New York Times, him being quoted by two sources saying all Haitians have AIDS, Nigerians won’t go home to their huts if we let them in the country, it speaks of a man that we in New York knew at various times.”

He went on, “Now, he and the White House has denied it, but it’s certainly not out of the character of what he has said and done. He led the fight that wanted to [give the] death penalty for five guys in Central Park that did this egregious despicable act of rape. They ended up not doing it. Many of us said it was questionable. He still said give them the death penalty. That’s who he is.”

 He concluded by calling Trump a “symbol of Northern bigotry,” stating, “I think a lot of Americans look at Civil Rights and race relations in the South in the ’60s and miss New York in the ’80s where you had many, many incidents. They get away with it because don’t want to talk about up North kind of problems and Trump symbolizes it. Trump is as much a symbol of Northern bigotry as you have others that were Southern.”

Thankfully, people saw right through Sharpton’s insulting words and hit back with the truth about the Civil Rights “leader.” Said one internet commenter, “Well, maybe Al, but you are definitely a symbol of black bigotry, and not just for the North, but for the whole country.” Another added, “Al Sharpton doesn’t believe half of what he says…he just likes to talk and talk and talk and talk…saying outrageous things gets him noticed. Anybody else think he’s beginning to look like a shriveled up old prune??” Do you think Al Sharpton is an idiot?


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