New York Times Admits It Spread A Huge Lie About Trump’s Jerusalem Decision

If Obama had made the same Jerusalem declaration that President Trump did, liberals would be applauding him. In fact, both Obama and Bush promised to do what Trump did, but they didn’t follow through. As soon as Trump made the decision, liberals and the mainstream media suddenly started condemning it.

The New York Times spread the message that Trump’s Jerusalem decision led to mass violence from Muslims who were angry. Now they are admitting that that is a total lie. “With residents neither basking in seasonal cheer nor raging in the throes of a new intifada, the popular mood in the city was more one of hopeless resignation,” the article reads.

“Yet, despite the dire predictions of major turmoil, and the best efforts of both Fatah and Hamas to mobilize the masses, so far there has been no large-scale, spontaneous outburst of violence in the wake of the president’s declaration,” they admit.

 ““It’s not that people don’t want to stand up for their rights,” said Samar Salah, 25, a Muslim student from a nearby village who had come to Bethlehem with her friends to see the Christmas decorations. “But there are never any results …”” writes the New York Times.

“Many Palestinians now view the confrontations with Israeli soldiers as pointless since they consider the Jerusalem declaration unlikely to be reversed,” they write. Do you think President Trump made the right decision?


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