Ohio State Got Absolutely Hosed By The Playoff Selection Committee

Ohio State got left out in the cold by the playoff committee, and the decision was a complete joke.

I literally can’t comprehend how this happened. It makes less than zero sense. Do conference championships mean nothing anymore? The Buckeyes beat Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State and Penn State.

Yes, they have two losses, but they also won the Big Ten title. How did the playoff committee come to this decision?

There is literally not a single reason Alabama should have gotten in over them. Not a single one. Who are Alabama’s signature wins? Mississippi State? LSU? None of those are as impressive as beating Wisconsin. Not even close.

 This decision is absolutely laughable. The committee should be ashamed. And this isn’t coming from a Ohio State homer. Not in the least bit. I hate Ohio State and everything they represent. Even with all of that I can still clearly see they got screwed.

Today is an embarrassing day for college football. Absolutely shameful.


h/t dailycaller.com

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