Chinese President Exposes Shocking Thing Obama Just Told Him In Meeting During Asia Tour

Just weeks after President Trump finished his speaking tour in Asia, Obama decided to have one of his own. Obama spoke with several leaders that Trump had just finished speaking with including Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The media in China and America wrote of the trump. “Obama, who championed a ‘pivot to Asia’ policy that Beijing viewed as a bid to contain its ambitions and critics say was largely a failure, said China had made impressive achievements… Relations between Obama and Xi were outwardly positive, but were underscored by tensions over Washington’s concerns about human rights in China and the South China Sea disputes,” writes the South China Morning Post.

In China’s state-run Xinhua news service, Xi gave Obama a briefing on the Communist Party Congress. And Xi “stressed that China and the United States have an important responsibility to safeguard world peace and stability, as well as boost global development and prosperity,” they wrote.

 On the meeting itself, Xinhua said that Obama “thanked Xi for meeting with him and appreciated China’s development achievements.”

Bloomberg Politics writes that “Obama told Xi that he was willing to play a continued role in strengthening mutual understanding, exchange and cooperation between the two nations.” Do you think that Obama needs to stop pretending he is still the President?


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