“I Am A Cherokee Woman, Elizabeth Warren Is Not”, Liberal Media Finally Admits Trump Is Right

The media has tried to call President a racist for calling Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’. He calls her this to point out that Warren has tried to get ahead in life by claiming that she is a Native American. When in reality, she is not. As much as liberals want Trump to be wrong, even the most liberal ones are admitting that, actually, he is totally right.

The ultra liberal website “Think Progress” wrote an article called “I am a Cherokee woman. Elizabeth Warren is not.”

“For 72 hours this week, news headlines focused on President Donald Trump’s offensive usage of the name “Pocahontas” when he referred to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) at an event to honor Navajo Code Talkers on Monday,” wrote Rebecca Nagale.

 “As a young Cherokee woman, one would assume that I would take Warren’s side in standing up against Trump’s racist remark. Following the incident, Warren lambasted the president, telling MSNBC that Trump has done ‘this over and over thinking somehow he’s going to shut me up with it. It hadn’t worked in the past, it is not going to work in the future.’ A real Native American hero, right? Wrong,” she wrote.

“She was not a hero to me when she failed to foster a haven of support for Native students within Harvard University’s alienating Ivy League culture. She is not a hero for spending years awkwardly avoiding Native leaders. She is not a hero because, despite claiming to be the only Native woman in the U.S. Senate, she has done nothing to advance our rights. She is not from us. She does not represent us. She is not Cherokee,” she wrote.

h/t conservative101.com

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