Malia Obama Just Got Caught Doing Something Nasty At Football Game, It Runs In The Family

Thanks in no small part to who her father is, former First Daughter Malia Obama gained acceptance to prestigious Harvard University and began her studies there on the Cambridge, Massachusetts this fall.

However, it clearly seems that Malia has other priorities with her time at college than academics. According to TMZ, Malia attended the annual Harvard-Yale rivalry football game and was caught with a cigarette in her mouth.

Upon closer inspection, this was not an ordinary tobacco cigarette but more likely a marijuana cigarette. Malia has gained a reputation for being an avid pot smoker. Earlier this year, she was so high at the Lollapalooze Music Festival in Chicago that she had to get carted away from the concert area in a golf cart.

All of this, of course, harkens back to her father’s wild days at Occidental College in Los Angeles and later at Columbia University in New York. Former President Barack Obama has admitted to smoking pot in high school and college, as well as cocaine.

From these two instances and many more, it certainly looks as though Malia is following in Barack’s footsteps. Do you think Malia is just like her father? Watch the video of her at the football game below:



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