After Months of Anthem Protests, Thanksgiving Day NFL Game Tickets Drop as Low as $10

The 2017 season has been a tough one so far for the NFL. Controversial protests during the national anthem have seemingly continued to hurt the league’s popularity — and now, tickets to some games are being sold for as little as $10.

National Review’s Josh Kraushaar first noticed the stunningly cheap tickets available for the Washington Redskins game against the New York Giants at FedEx Field on Thursday:

There were upper-level seats available for just $10, according to StubHub.

Even some of the best seats in the entire stadium were still priced under $100.

While the cause for the extremely cheap tickets is not entirely clear, the NFL has been dealing with the appearance of empty stadium seats all season. There is even a Twitter account that tweets out the images every week:

However, both the Redskins and the Giants are having rough seasons as well, which could also be partly responsible for the attendance problems.

A recent poll showed a sharp drop in the NFL’s popularity since the national anthem controversy unfolded, as AOL reported:

According to a poll by the right-leaning Winston Group, 42 percent of men between the age of 35-54 had a favorable view of the NFL in September, but has since dropped to 31 percent — making it the least favored major sport on the survey.

The NFL will surely continue to look for ways to fill up the stadiums this season.



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