McCain Outed: Turns Out He Was In Possession of Trump Dossier Before It Was Published

There’s a new book out by Guardian journalist Luke Harding that provides some previously unknown details about the Trump dossier.

The Daily Caller has broken it down and what it reveals is how the anti-Trump forces all had a hand in it in some way from the Clinton team and Democrats paying for it, to media and John McCain spreading it. And it reveals even more evidence of Clinton collusion with the Russians.

The involvement of McCain has been reported before. It had been reported that McCain passed it on to the FBI. But how he got it hadn’t been clear. Prior reports had suggested he got it from the British. He had learned of it from Sir Andrew Wood in November 2016, a former British Ambassador and associate of Christopher Steele, the author of the dossier.

But the book reveals that McCain was actually given the full dossier directly by Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson. This raises lots of questions. What was McCain’s relationship to Simpson?

Why that is troubling is because Fusion was basically operating as an undeclared agent for the Russians in pushing against the Magnitsky Act.

McCain refused to respond to the Daily Caller’s questions on the matter.

And, of course, it wasn’t just McCain, but reporters who were offered the dossier. Fusion GPS was involved in trying to shop the dossier to the reporters, this despite the fact that they had not verified the claims in it.

From Daily Caller:

“There was healthy competition still, but reporters on different titles began working together on some stories. There were formal press consortiums and ad hoc conversations between onetime rivals,” Harding writes.

“I talked to The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Financial Times in London, Reuters, Mother Jones, The Daily Beast, CNN, and others. Such conversations took place in New York, Washington, London, Munich, and Sarajevo. Some happened in glossy conference rooms, others in the corners of pubs over warm ale.”

Another new piece of information was the actual involvement of the Clinton team in trying to shop anti-Trump information directly to reporters.

Harding reported that he was contacted by a member of the Clinton campaign who laid out allegations that Trump had used prostitutes in Moscow. Steele’s June 20, 2016 dossier memo makes similar unverified claims.

The outreach establishes for the first time that someone on the Clinton campaign attempted to peddle unfounded rumors about Trump to the press. Harding did not identify the campaign official.

He wrote: “In October an email written by a person in the Clinton camp reached my inbox. It set out some of the unproven allegations against Trump, including sex with prostitutes in Moscow. The email said the claims came from a source inside the FSB. This was not Steele’s work, but some of it echoes the dossier.”

So Harding is saying that someone on the Clinton team specifically tried to feed him information that came directly from the Russian FSB, Russian intelligence. Talk about collusion!

And there’s more.

From Gateway Pundit:

John Podesta testified before Congress that he knew nothing about the dossier until it came out in Buzzfeed.

The comes amid reports John Podesta told investigators that he met with Fusion GPS about the dossier.

The revelation is raising eyebrows as Podesta told Congress that he didn’t know who paid for opposition research firm for the shoddy ‘intel.’

So was Podesta deliberately trying to stonewall or mislead Congress? His lawyer, who was sitting with him when he testified before Congress certainly knew all the details, since his lawyer was Marc Elias of Perkins Coie, the law firm the Clinton team and the DNC engaged to work with and pay Fusion GPS.



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