Trey Gowdy Blasts Democrats For Being Hypocrites For Awful Thing They Let Obama Get Away With

Trey Gowdy challenged Jeff Sessions during an congressional hearing. Gowdy gave a passionate speech about justice and called out Democrats for being hypocrites at the same time.

“I want to start with something that’s very important to me and I think it’s important to all people in this country of good conscience, irrespective of their political ideation, and that’s the independence of the Department of Justice. In my judgment, 2016 and 2017 have been challenging years for the Department of Justice,” said Gowdy.

“Mr. Conyers asked you whether or not it was appropriate for the president to weigh in on an ongoing investigation. And of course, the answer to that is ‘no.’ It is not appropriate. It’s not appropriate in 2017,” continued Gowdy.

“It wasn’t appropriate when President Obama did it in the IRS targeting scandal. It wasn’t appropriate when President Obama did it in the ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s server. It is never appropriate for a president to tell a Department of Justice what outcome it would reach. I just wish my friends on the other side of the aisle would have the same kind of outrage when President Obama did it as they do now,” said Gowdy.

“How do you restore people’s trust — Republicans and Democrats — confidence in a Department of Justice when it seems like different rules apply depending on who’s in power?” asked Gowdy. Sessions responded that “we intend to do our work, according to the established principles of the Department of Justice. We will not be infected by politics or bias. We will only make decisions we believe are right and just.” Check out the video below.

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